Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What is Leslie Spit?

The Leslie Street Spit, is an artificial spit in Toronto, Canada, extending into Lake Ontario. It is about 5 km long.

The "Spit" is really quite remarkable. It is the home of thousands of birds including about 290 migratory species and about 45 breeding species. Artificial habitats suitable for birds and other wildlife are being developed. There are many parts of the spit which seem to be very rural and completely unlike the busy city only minutes away.

In its own way, Leslie Spit is a delight - a thing of beauty. What is particularly interesting to the Eco Chic team is that it is all created from recycled materials.

So the Leslie Spit is a very suitable setting for Eco Chic's first shoot.

Tara created two outfits for this shoot. One is a sexy backless dress made from a huge men's shirt. The other creation is crafted from many other recycled materials - washers, ball chain and a collection of found fabrics. It featured a jacket cut from a recycled sheet of black rubber.

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