Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eco Chic Meets Industrial Decay

Nearly everyone now realizes that we need to do things differently to avoid serious environmental impacts. The results of 150 years of economic growth, consumption and industrial development have included global warming, species extinction and toxic pollution.
To reverse these trends will take many changes in the way that everyone on this planet treats our nest.
This project looks at how the fashion world might do its part. It contrasts environmentally friendly clothing against a background of industrial decay.
Eco chic means different things to different people. Our eco-chic focuses on conserving resources by reusing and re-purposing cast off materials . Materials can come from any found source - natural, industrial, period or modern .
This eco chic line should be intended for evening and glamour events. It is soft and sexy, with a futuristic edge – achieved in part by borrowing from native American spiritualism and primitive, tribal aesthetic and mixing that with a medieval flavour.

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