Monday, December 3, 2007

Entropy & Extropy

My current major project is ‘entropy and extropy’. My intent is to explore the relationship between increasing chaos and disorder - entropy - on the one side, and the sustaining forces of ecology and life on the other side - extropy.

This new work will continue with the visual elements that I have previously dealt with in the “soft forms in hard place” and the incomplete “8x10” series. In particular the figure / ground juxtaposition will continue to contrast worn, eroded and tattered materials and artifacts with the human body as a living, breathing and sustaining force.

The human form symbolizes ecological and life processes. In this regard, the female figure is a more apt metaphor since the female most represents fertility and reproduction.

One difference between my previous projects and this one is the effort to express my vision across four classic layers: the portrait (or headshot), the fashion shot, the figure and finally the mixed media compositions.

Face shots: portraits or headshots with a look that it relates to the entropy setting – for example faces framed by windy strands of hair or showered by rain or waterfalls.

Fashion shots: – Here is where “eco chic meets industrial decay” comes in. The vision is a high fashion, sexy, erotic feel to show that fashion can counter the industrial decay that seems to confront our world. I have been joined by Tara White of Embody Designs who has met my challenge by creating 'eco chic' through the use of sustainable and recycled materials.

Figure: – My objective is to juxtapose - through layering, intertwining and intersecting - the life form with the inanimate form. In particular I am trying to pose the figure(s) so that the edges, ridges, planes and undulating topography of the body evoke a sense of 'path' - meandering or purposeful - but still a path.

Fine art: The top layer of this project is the merging of many of the other elements. Intersections and layers continue to be fundamental compositional elements in my work. I believe that the photographic exposure represents the momentary intersection between the continually dynamic and unfolding reality and the photographer’s vision. That moment is not all there is. There are the uncountable moments that precede the photographic exposure in the life and development of the photographer. Then, there are the moments that follow - in the electronic darkroom; then as pigment is applied to paper or canvas - as the final image is created. These moments lead to the final moment of communication with the viewing audience.

It is important to me that all four layers carry between them common look and style. That is a key artistic challenge of the Entropy and Extropy project.

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KreativeMix said...

seems like a pretty cool project. i will be back to see more pictures!!!